International Visitors to UM

UM welcomes its international visitors! UM encourages the visits of international scholars, faculty, administrators, professionals or delegates, who help bring awareness of their home cultures to the UM community. We welcome visiting colleagues and students from around the world for research and educational collaboration, observation and study.

international visitors

Visitors with a specific scholarly interest should contact the relevant UM faculty member, department or school directly. Visiting scholars and scientists who will remain at UM for a sustained period of collaboration, observation or study and who will need independent access to UM facilities must work with a specific UM faculty sponsor for appropriate authorizations.

Visits of high-level international visitors and delegations may be coordinated by the Global Health Initiatives office or by the Office of the President. To schedule appropriate meetings and inform those at UM who will meet with the visitors, we will need detailed information about the topics to be discussed, brief biographical information about the individual visitors, and information about the organization the visitors represent. All meetings will be conducted in English. We are unable to provide translating services for visitors. Please contact Marjorie Forster, Assistant Vice President, Research and Global Health Initiatives.