Global Health Interprofessional Council

The Malawi Project

An annual interprofessional student summer program in Malawi is sponsored by the Global Health Interprofessional Council. Students are chosen from each professional school to participate in this unique experience, which not only cultivates closer collaboration among the students but also builds and strengthens links with Malawian organizations.2012 Malawi Project photo

In 2010, the inaugural interdisciplinary team performed a needs assessment of orphans & vulnerable children (OVCs) in the Salima District, Malawi. Learn more.

In 2011, students carried out an interdisciplinary assessment of health utilization behavior for malaria illnesses. This is part of a larger University of Maryland study to conduct surveillance of the burden of malaria disease in several different regions of Malawi.  Learn more.

In 2012, the students worked together on a six-week study of maternal/child health services. The project was designed to determine if gaps in care exist, and if so why, from a local, national, and international perspective.  Learn more.

In 2013, two main objectives were pursued: (1) to foster an on-going relationship between the University of Maryland School of Law and the University of Malawi Chancellor College of Law (Chanco) focused on their respective HIV law clinics, and (2) to engage the rural village of Mfera, located in the Chikhwawa District, to assess community need.  Learn more.

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